Who We Are

Our Story

The facebook, instagram and twitter of the world have adopted the “like” button...But that’s not how people express likeness in the real world

We believe people are very complex...people just don't like something or dislike something…..sometimes people like a photo or a video a lot and other times they don’t like it as much. On our platform people can share there life moments (photos and videos) and express their emotions with intensity on a scale of 1-10.

As it is an entirely new platform, Prime Time has incorporate the latest AI technological possibilities and made it possible to show users images and videos that they will find enjoyable.

Why people should join?

  • Follow people you like
  • Show off your personality
  • You can view and express how much you like a photos and videos on a scale of 1-10
  • Simple and easy to use design/ux.
  • You can also see what's trending
  • It’s marketing friendly, so you can drive traffic to your website.
  • It's business friendly. Any business can create their brand page and market their products.
  • It's just Fun!
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